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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Normal school organization hours are from 8:30 am To 6 pm Monday through Friday. Brainy Child Montessori Preschool offers various projects and the timings differ likewise. Kindly check the program posting for additional data.

The confirmation consumption begins for kids at 16 months through the age of 4.5 years across various projects.

We regularly decide the qualified program for your kid in view old enough. Youngsters are assembled based on the program type they have enlisted for

Guardians can send us an inquiry with the youngster’s age, parent name, email address, and phone number to Brainychilda@gmail.com to learn about accessibility and space. Enlistment is ongoing, and a kid might begin the program at the passage point of the two semesters (July or January) during the year.

We don’t have an essential for youngsters to be potty prepared till they are 3 years of age. In the event that your youngster isn’t latrine prepared, kindly talk with his/her educator before the top-notch. Toilet preparation ought to start at home. At the point when you feel your kid is prepared for this formative stage, we will be glad to help your endeavors at school. In the interim, the youngster needs to keep on wearing a draw-up diaper at school till he/she has acquired full control.

The underlying progress time frame when the kid is currently acquiring solace in the school climate is known as the ‘weaning period’. The majority of the scholarly projects have a weaning period and the span relies upon various elements like the age of the youngster, routine and so on. Guardians or watchmen are supposed to be accessible all through to address their kids’ issues through the weaning period. The subtleties of the interaction are clarified for the guardians during the direction program prior to joining the school.

Our educators are all confirmed in Youth Training. Most importantly, we look for educators with experience and energy to be in this field. On a continuous premise, our staff works intimately with one another to foster example plans. Our preschool additionally offers going-on in-support preparing and empowers groups of educators to go to studios for the most recent ideas, strategies, and materials. Our instructors have the energy, insight, and mystique that take youngsters on a mysterious and testing journey of revelation. We guarantee that our educators are knowledgeable and supporting individuals who regard the kids’ requirements for security while empowering independence and freedom

For the age gathering of kids under 2 years, we have 5 youngsters with one educator or more and for the age gathering of kids 2 years, we have 10 kids with one instructor. Every homeroom is outfitted with one woman chaperon. Every one of our homerooms have two educators and a woman chaperon.

For the age gathering of kids under 2 years, we have 5 youngsters with one educator or more and for the age gathering of kids 2 years, we have 10 kids with one instructor. Every homeroom is outfitted with one woman chaperon. Every one of our homerooms have two educators and a woman chaperon.

Endeavors to assist understudies with understanding ways of behaving that are permitted, acknowledged, and urged prompting positive outcomes through our encouraging feedback and redirection. In the event that there are any worries, educators will speak with guardians so that school and home are cooperating in light of a youngster’s well-being.

Our educational program centers around play way action-based settings in a different coeducational local area that underlines liability invigorates joint effort, self-learning, and advances shared regard. Our kids figure out how to have certainty, freedom, and high confidence and foster a delight in learning. We follow a topical way to deal with learning. We give a supporting system that unfurls the legitimate soul and character of every youngster while instructing their hearts and brains. Our educators look to impart a profound and enduring scholarly greatness, one that plans for kids to advance unhesitatingly until the end of their lives and to give liberally and blissfully to other people.

It is our objective to keep every youngster safe and to respect distinguished food sensitivities/limitations actually surprisingly well. The educators set up a rundown of all food sensitivities in the homeroom. Guardians should submit put-down documentation in the Wellbeing Account structure with explicit rules for tending to every unique sort of dietary need and food sensitivity. Assuming the youngster’s sensitivity status changes, guardians should tell the school by email at Brainychilda@gmail.com of these progressions, so we can refresh the kid’s posted sensitivity sheet in the homeroom.

Lunch must be sent in the first part of the day with the youngster or shipped off school by 12.30 pm. Covers come from home and are sent back week after week to be washed and welcomed back on Monday. For explicit events, you will get correspondence from school for spruce-up or home toys.

The toys, study halls, and surface regions are disinfected utilizing a germ-free and water arrangement after each program. Our woman chaperons keep up with school cleanliness and tidiness consistently.


  • 01

    Child-centric Curriculum

    A curriculum that is mapped to the individual learning needs of a child, covering all the essential areas of development

  • 02

    Scientifically Designed Materials

    Educational aids that are designed to meet the learning objectives of the curriculum

  • 03

    Child Evalutaion

    Evaluating the child’s progress through periodic assessment of all areas of development

  • 04

    Branding and Communication

    Effective branding strategy and communication methods to position the school

  • 05

    Teacher Training

    Training program that covers the philosophy, methodology and materials

  • 06

    Knowledge Application

    Linking the curriculum, materials and teacher’s role while working with children

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